Traveling to Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor

Getting To and From Valencia — Made Easy

Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor main sign

Six Flags Magic Mountain main sign

Reaching Magic Mountain is pretty convenient, given its location just off I-5 in Valencia, within the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s north of the San Fernando Valley suburbs, out in the rolling hills. If you’re driving down from the north, just watch for the signs; you’ll see it off to the right also. Here are some things to consider in the transportation department:

  • If you’re driving north from most of the rest of Southern California, you’ll want to pay attention to rush hour traffic. That’s from say 6:30 to 9:30 am and 3 to 7 pm.
  • There are shuttles available from the major airports. If you do an internet search on “Magic Mountain transportation,” you’ll find options for bus tours and packages from locations around the greater Los Angeles area.Similarly, search on “Los Angeles shuttle” and you’ll find too many options for reaching Magic Mountain by shuttle vans than we can summarize here (without boring too many readers), including transportation to and from Orange County airports. You’ll probably want to avoid a cab fare since it is a pretty good distance out to Valencia.
  • Room rates are likely to be slightly lower in Valencia relative to downtown L. A. or very close to Disneyland, so staying out near SFMM and driving down to other vacation destinations is not such a bad idea, depending on where else you plan to go. If you plan to spend one day at Magic Mountain and 6 days at Universal Studios, Disneyland and the beaches, that’s a lot of driving out to your hotel at night.
  • The Los Angeles Metro bus system provides pretty good means for reaching Magic Mountain; in fact you can take the Los Angeles Metrolink train to the Newhall station and then board a shuttle bus to the park. You could go from the train stations down in Orange County; in fact, you could get there from San Diego if you were really motivated, although at some point renting a car would make sense with train costs and waiting times. But Magic Mountain is not outside the public transportation solar system.
  • By the way, if you are driving into the L.A. area from the east, heading first to Magic Mountain, you should look at perhaps taking the 210 freeway west to I-5. The I-10 freeway runs generally parallel to the 210, but is a shorter route. The advantage of the longer 210 route is that it bypasses portions of high-density development and increases the possibility that you’ll avoid heavy traffic.The 210 does get quite busy itself at times, but larger portions of it are lightly traveled. So you could take I-15 south to I-210 west. If coming in on I-10 westbound, consider taking a breakfast or dinner break if you’re arriving during rush hour.