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Viper roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Viper roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

If you’re here, you are probably wanting to dive into the details of great roller coasters, thrill rides and restroom maintenance schedules at Magic Mountain. So without further delay, we want to get specific about the cool stuff and steer you to a few helpful websites.

The official Six Flags Magic Mountain website is OK, but it ain’t Disney or Universal Studios Hollywood in its level of detail. There is a “so-so” map that you can download at this link.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to illustrate the way the park is laid out around the hill, so we should not be too critical since we could not do any better. The map won’t have a huge impact on how you plan the day, so you’re not at much of a disadvantage from the mediocre quality of the official map.

Do make sure you get a nice folding map at the entrance; it has the details about many of the thrill rides and other attractions.

The official website offers a few pages with good information about dining and shopping, which we talk about elsewhere. Tips, schedules and other useful tidbits are provided.

Of importance here is the Rides page that lists all of the rides, with important details. You’ll find that among the blue navigation buttons towards the top of the Home page. You can sort the rides into relevant categories or show them all at once. Click on a roller coaster and it gives you a short description.

Now, given how great the rides are, I’d have thought they would make a big deal of describing each coaster in detail. The Wikipedia page provided on our main Six Flags Magic Mountain page has some good details about the individual rides also, as does:

The GoingToCalifornia site offers pretty good information on the attractions and other details. In fact, it has specifics on other activities in Southern California as well; it does not provide much insight or local wisdom for planning purposes, but it does give you some helpful details and the ability to purchase tickets online.

Another independent website with good up-to-date park information is Screamscape theme park website. It also includes detailed information on the new Terminator Salvation attraction and other “news” items. (It’s written for real enthusiasts, with lots of minute details about Six Flags Magic Mountain and lots of other theme parks around the world.)

Some of the 15 roller coasters at Magic Mountain are pretty similar in their overall design, but that’s not a bad thing since it spreads out the crowds a bit (especially useful on prime summer days). If you’re an aficionado of coasters, you’ll appreciate the subtle differences between some of them.

Tatsu - Fly at the Speed of Fear

Tatsu roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain