Six Flags Magic Mountain Dining

Food at the Flags, Six Flags

What should you know about Six Flags food? There are a lot of places to eat throughout Magic Mountain, but don’t expect fine dining. There are several places where you can go inside, relax and enjoy a full meal. The most obvious choices for that are Chicken Plantation, Colossus Cookery, Eduardo’s Grill, the Surfside Grill and the Mooseburger Lodge, among others. Click here for the official listing of Six Flags food establishments in the park along with brief descriptions and locations.

But you’re not going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the epicurean delights. In fact it seems that somebody at Papa John’s Pizza and Panda Express have a relative on the board at Magic Mountain, as you see a number of those restaurants scattered around. There’s also Johnny Rocket’s and other choices for lunch and quick dinners.

The good news is that, although more expensive than what you’d pay in the real world, SFMM does offer semi-reasonable pricing and variety (so to speak). The Six Flags food establishments can get quite busy during typical dining hours, so if you can shift your eating timetable to either side of lunch or dinner you’ll reduce your wait in line.

Dining Inside Magic Mountain

MooseBurger Lodge

MooseBurger Lodge at Magic MountainWe’ve not eaten at the MooseBurger Lodge, but it is a charming place and probably worth checking out.

Otherwise, if you want food that transcends what is offered in the park, you can get a hand stamp and drive down the road a few minutes to the numerous restaurants along the freeway.

Dining Options Near Magic Mountain

There’s a Wendy’s fast food restaurant (not much different than what’s in the park) and an El Torito right at the Six Flags Magic Mountain offramp. Head south a mile or two to Lyons Avenue and there are several other restaurants as you can see in the photo to the lower right.

You might consider eating a big breakfast before entering the park and then snacking at mid-day. Then eat a nice dinner in the park or nearby. They won’t let you bring food into the place by the way. There’s a Coldstone ice cream shop and other bakeries and other snack opportunities.

Picnic at the Park

Speaking of bringing your own food though, there’s a decent park area out beyond the parking lot with benches, grass and trees. So you could bring lunch (or a picnic dinner) in an ice chest and then take a dining break under the trees at some point. This is more convenient than at Disneyland where you must typically park a long ways from the park entrance. Here you do take a short tram ride, but getting to your car is not totally unreasonable.

Picnic area outside Six Flags Magic Mountain

Picnic area outside Six Flags Magic Mountain