SeaWorld San Diego Discount Tickets

Tips On Getting & Using SeaWorld Discount Tickets

Let’s talk about SeaWorld discounts first, then we’ve got some tips to pass on.

The park is running specials, which you can check out on their website. Those terms may not appeal to you; often the Sea World discount tickets involve discounts on admission for more days than you want.

You might try searching Google for “SeaWorld promo codes,” as there are some websites out there that make not-too-well-publicized promotional discount codes known to the entire universe. We can’t vouch for this approach but it might be worth some research.

If you are in the military check out the Here’s To The Heroes program that might provide free admission to your entire family (they’ll still get you for food and other goodies). With many military families in the region this is not an idle offer by Anheuser-Busch.

Another great way to save up to 50% or more is to purchase a discount card such as is offered by CityPass and Smart Destinations (Go San Diego Card).

The San Diego Visitors Bureau website sometimes has packages that could appeal to you. Also, check in with potential hotels on whether they can offer Sea World discount tickets to their guests.

The major fast food restaurants often cooperate with theme parks to offer nice discounts. For example Burger King has run promotions with SeaWorld to offer adult admission for $49.95 and kids $10 less. This changes over time of course so you might want to perform an online search for promotional codes, which you’ll enter in on the official site.

SeaWorld Vacation Tips from Insiders

We have some ideas that will enhance your day at the park. Some of these come from the official website Top Tips page, which might be worth browsing.

AtlantisThe first thing is to have the right attitude going into the park. City dwellers can be impatient when encountering nature so chill out. If you want thrill ride after thrill ride go to Six Flags Magic Mountain. But a day at SeaWorld with the right spirit and an interest in learning will be very memorable.

The SeaWorld website notes that adults often get choked up when Shamu first starts to rock ‘n’ roll and plasters a hundred visitors with a wall of water. And they are right; there is something really majestic about these critters. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy feeling like a kid again. Goosebumps when the dolphins do coordinated flips? Isn’t that cool?  It’s OK, the Guru won’t judge if you get a little emotional.

You can rent strollers, wheelchairs and lockers just inside the front gates to the right. They offer package pickup for items you purchase during the day; ask about details when you start the day but this feature can save you from hauling around a bunch of bags. A locker can be a good idea, since it can cool down at night and you might have wet socks to be replaced.

Bring some extra clothes if you plan to get wet during the day. On a warm day there’s a good chance you will be pretty dry by evening but if you get drenched in the middle of the afternoon it could be a chilly night for you. Use the lockers to store extra clothes and maybe a light jacket.

Be prepared to get wet at several shows and attractions; protect electronics. You can buy an inexpensive poncho at the gift shop. You’ll have more fun watching your teenagers getting drenched by Shamu if the camera and cell phone is safe.

Check in with the Reservation Center to the right of the entrance for specifics on special events. Here is where you sign up for the various animal encounters, special dining opportunities and behind-the-scenes tours.

Also, take a careful look at the official website before your trip, as you may learn about a little-known tour or option and be able to reserve it online; you may not learn about it by just showing up at the main gate to buy a ticket. Make sure they aren’t offering any last-minute Sea World discount tickets online. Find out when the animal feeding times are, as that can be a pretty special time to watch your favorite animal stars.

As always, agree on a place to meet up as a group if you get separated. The base of the Skytower ride is a good option but there are plenty of choices for rendezvous points. Tell the little ones to grab any park Host (employee) if they become lost.

The Shamu stadium is quite large and on a recent summer Wednesday there was plenty of room at showtime. However, it fills up quite a bit during the 10 minutes or so before showtime so don’t cut it too close. If you want to be in the splash zone you should get there pretty early.

For information on public transit options for getting to the park call (619)685-4900.

Find respite from the heat by visiting cool attractions like Wild Arctic, Penguin Encounter, Manatee Rescue, Shark Encounter or any of the three aquariums.

As at any summer day at a theme park, little children can get worn out by the middle of the afternoon. There’s some good shade to be found around the park and you can cool down in the attractions noted above.

If you stay at a nearby hotel you might consider heading back to your room in the afternoon, for a nap or swim (and a change out of wet clothes). Then go back for a couple of the evening shows and fireworks. Be sure to get a hand stamp for re-entry later and keep your ticket.

If you purchase Breakfast With Shamu you get an all-you-can-eat buffet that can last you until dinnertime, with maybe some fruit or other snack in the afternoon. This is reported to be a pretty shrewd money saving move.

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