Navigating the Disneyland Resort Website

Let Me Make Some Suggestions…

You’ll want to spend some time on the official Disneyland Resort website, which we sometimes refer to here as the Disney website for simplicity (after all, it does lead you to other related sites such as Disney Cruises, Disney Channel, etc.).

Matterhorn at Disneyland ResortThe site is great in a lot of ways, but the designers feel compelled to add lots of cute graphics, videos and sound, so it can move rather slowly if your network is having a bad day.

We’ve found some specific pages from that site, to help you get to certain information more efficiently. From these links you can branch out to other pages.

We suggest you visit a few other non-Disney sites also, as some of the fans have put their heart and soul into great information about the parks, hotels, rides, shows, etc. (However, you should double-check availability of any particularly special shows, parades or attractions with the official site, because there is the chance that the other sites are out of date, hard as they try to stay current!)

So first, check out the real deal (these links will open up new windows):

Disneyland Resort Website

Home Page

The Disney website Home page has a bunch of graphic and video introductory goodies, which serve to either get you in the mood or to bug you with the distractions and slow downloads. But it’s a good starting point to a lot of helpful material; it will lead you to information on attractions, shows events, etc. Along the top of the Home page, you can find Disney Channel information, Disney Cruise information, details about Disney movies and vacation packages to Anaheim and other Disney theme parks around the world, so it is very useful.

Vacation Planning and Resort Overview

To request a Free Vacation Planning DVD from Disney to help in the strategizing of your Anaheim vacation check out this page. The DVD includes a bunch of propaganda, but can be useful in getting the family fired up. We’ve also suggested you watch Disney movies and the Disney Channel for additional mental conditioning.

For an overview of the entire Anaheim Resort area, check this page. It has interactive maps to the parks, transportation, hotels and so forth.

Buying Tickets Online

This is the site for information about purchasing Guest Pass tickets online. It will also quickly lead you to some of the other pages on vacation planning. There are advantages to buying guest passes directly from the source; you can print them out in advance and replace them if they get eaten by your dog. It will save you some time in the ticket-buying lines.


This page has great information on Disney area hotels, including the three Disney hotels and the Good Neighbor Hotels that have been approved by the Mouse. It also has the interactive map, which is very useful.

Transportation Information and Special Tours

For information specifically on transportation options click here. The various shuttles and parking zones are shown in the cool map. Finally, if you might want to sign up for a special tour within the Resort, at additional cost, check out this page. Most people do not pay the extra for the tours, but you might find them worthwhile, especially if you are a real Disney fan. Take a look.