Six Flags Magic Mountain Discount Tickets & Packages

How to Find ‘Em!

A vacation to one or more theme parks is not a cheap outing, so any way you can save a few dollars is appreciated, of course.

As is common at many of the major theme parks, you are more likely to find Six Flags discounts and packages in the off season, but that doesn’t help if this is a Summer vacation (hint: consider a trip between Fall and Spring, but not at Christmas).

Things to Think About When Planning Your Trip

  • Check first with the official websites. There are occasional Six Flags discount tickets available on this Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets page.Look also at the Hurricane Harbor tickets page. Unfortunately you will find few if any multi-day discounts like at some other parks. As we discuss more below, sometimes they offer a season pass for only modestly more than the price of a single day. You should check out the official website for both parks (we’ve given you those links) first.
  • Use your AAA card for a modest Six Flags discount, usually from $4 to $12 off retail prices per ticket.
  • Babies get in free and those under 48 inches get a reduced price (we’re not sure if there is an age limit to this). You almost certainly should not buy your tickets at the park if you want the best price.
  • Some of the local hotels offer packages with park admission included. Check them out at the links we’ve provided.
  • You can do an internet search on Six Flags discounts and packages when you get serious about which days you’ll be in town. We’ve heard about tickets available on EBay at big discounts, but be careful about that approach.
  • Sometimes local retailers and fast food restaurants like Burger King offer Six Flags discount coupons, as do some online sites.
  • Do check out the season passes, especially if you are a real coaster fan and might be sorry to not have a second day at the park. The season pricing is usually so good as to be less than the regular price for 2 days.We recently saw a season pass to Hurricane Harbor that included 2 one-day passes to Magic Mountain. They also offer a Combo season pass that works for both parks obviously, and an upgraded pass that includes parking.So think carefully about whether you might benefit from the season pass, as they are a pretty good deal for 2 days or more in the park.The Play Pass will let you into over a dozen other Six Flags theme parks around the country, so definitely give that some thought as a way to obtain theme park discounts!
  • The Flash Pass: There’s another way the folks at Six Flags will accommodate you; you can buy the Flash Pass. This service costs from $20 (weekdays) to $25 (Fri, Sat, Sun) and gives you front-of-line privileges four times at 13 of the best rides in Magic Mountain. It does not apply to X2 or Déjà vu, but will help shorten the lines dramatically on a busy summer day.That is a lot of money to pay, but if you really love coasters, and really must visit in prime vacation season, and especially if it’s a hot summer day, this could really improve your day. The park only issues a limited number of Flash Passes, so be careful about waiting until the day of your visit to buy it.