Legoland Discounts Can Really Add Up!

We’ve Also Got Some Helpful Planning Tips

Legoland Discounts


This theme park is not cheap, but there are fortunately a number of ways to obtain Legoland discounts on admission tickets.

  • First, Check their website for possible specials. Buying a multiple-day Park Hopper ticket will save some money. If you plan to be in the area multiple times in a year, consider the Legoland annual membership.
  • If you want to save money and time, look into a Twilight Rate at 50% off the regular admission for the last 2 hours of the day. This won’t work for most people, but there could be a situation where this is exactly what you need to feel that you saw the place for a couple of hours.
  • There are other options out there for Legoland discounts. Costco often offers discount tickets—and there happens to be a Costco store on Palomar Airport Road just south of Cannon Road. The address is 951 Palomar Airport Road (760/929-0963). Recently we saw tickets for a 1-day Park Hopper ticket at a $15 discount.
  • Look for AAA and military discounts; these amount to around 10%. Buy tickets on the military base for even greater discounts.
  • Look for discount books like the Go San Diego card and CityPass card. These combine multiple attractions with flexible schedules to save up to 50% or more. We offer links to these (and make a few crumbs if you buy through our link).
  • You can Google Legoland discounts and see what you come upwith. Just make sure it is a legitimate discount and not a scam.
  • Finally, after engaging in considerable research to find you sources for the best discounts, we came across this helpful page at MouseSavers, a Disney website. It’s got great links to potential discounts, including most of those mentioned above.

Legoland Tips and Tricks

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan a day or two at Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium.

  • The park is oriented towards smaller children. Pick up a wristband for your children when you first arrive; that will provide important contact information in case they get separated from you. Show them what the employee uniforms look like and make sure they know to find an employee if they get separated. If your older kids take off by themselves for awhile (not a bad idea in some cases) agree on a place and time to meet later.
  • There are lockers near the entrance, known as The Beginning. They are like $5 per day but you might want to bring a change of clothes for when kids get wet. Many of the park attractions center around water, so it is likely that you will get wet.
  • This was mentioned above under Legoland Discounts, but there is a Twilight Rate at 50% off the regular admission for the last 2 hours of the day. If you do not have time, energy or budget for a full day at the park, but want a taste of Legoland, consider this option. A couple of hours would give you the chance to hit some of the high points make a few memories and take in a show. If you do this, spend some time on the official website researching the various attractions, rides and shows. Fortunately the site is pretty good in that regard.
  • There are kennels on a first-come, first-served basis. I would not assume that you’ll get one; either find other accommodations for Fido or get there early. Call the park to confirm the details on pets.
  • There is a baby care center with rocking chairs for nursing, a diaper changing station (with diapers for sale), refrigerator and microwave for warming baby food. Generally you cannot bring in outside food but jars of baby food make up an exception; confirm this before coming to make sure this is still the case at the time of your trip.
  • They don’t allow outside food or drink, but there is a grassy area outside the gates where you can eat before going inside. That might be a way to save a little on food money.
  • They offer Package Pickup at all of the stores in the park. You can leave purchased goods with the sales clerk and they’ll send them to the exit, where your treasures will be waiting for you.
  • Speaking of shopping, they offer a one-hour opportunity called the Shopper’s Pass. You give them an impression of your credit card and then go into the park to shop at the stores. If you return within an hour, there is no charge, except for parking. Spend $20 or more and parking is free. I suppose this could be considered another of the Legoland discounts above.
  • If you stay at one of the two closest hotels, you can take a break in the afternoon and go back to the room for a nap (small kids and Mom) or get in a swim (older kids and Dad) before returning to finish the day. If you’re going in the middle of summer, it can get pretty hot and a break might be just the thing—and worth paying a bit more for your room.
  • At the rear of the park near the rear exit is a great play fort called The Hideaways. If your kiddos really need to burn off some energy and Mom/Dad need a little break from supervision, let them loose here.
  • Some of the attractions have play areas next to the queue, where parents can stand in line while Junior is amused in the play area, while under a watchful eye. Makes the lines easier to take on a busy summer day.
  • Consider purchasing and printing out your admission tickets on your home computer to save time waiting in line at the entrance. You might find Legoland discounts also.