Knott’s Scary Farm

What You Need to Know About Knott’s Halloween Haunt!

Now, when it comes to Halloween, the Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt is considered by many to be the top event in the country. Back in 1973 Some geniuses at Knott’s came up with the idea of catering to a niche market of folks who like to have the Calico scared out of them at Halloween. They rented some costumes for several employees, changed some of the Ghost Town rides to carry a scary theme and brought in the famous Seymour, a local television personality who hosted horror movies on Channel 5 in L.A.

The overall investment was modest, but this was the first time such a thing had been attempted at any major theme park. Leave it to Knott’s to again be the first! There is more information on the history of the event at the Ultimate Haunt web site. Yes, folks, this is an independent web site devoted solely to this one event; did I mention that there is a cult following?

Since then, the event has evolved and grown into quite a monster itself. People and the unliving dead come in from all over, although it is best to leave the little kids at home; there are a lot of teenagers, with some “adult” language and a bunch of nervous energy. This is their 40th year!

Knott’s Scary Farm doesn’t mess around, with the threat of horrible creatures jumping out of the shadows at any moment. The “ghoul” of cast members is to scare the bejeebers out of you, and they’ve learned how to do that pretty well over the years.

The Knott’s Halloween Haunt goes for several nights throughout all of October. But the weekends sell out early, so don’t wait until the last minute. Here is the link to the official Knott’s Scary Farm page for more specific information on this year’s festivities, which run from September 21 to October 31, 2012. But they don’t run the Haunt every day so check it out before you plan your date.

  • Check the Knott’s website for opportunities to dine with the monsters and to be the first into the Haunt–if the option is still available.
  • Check with a local Burger King for possible discounts!

On weekend days in October the park focuses more appropriately on Halloween and harvest-oriented activities for smaller children.

But after dark, something wicked this way comes…

One bit of advice, the Haunt starts after the park closes for regular business in the late afternoon. So the party doesn’t start until 7 pm. It runs until 1 am most nights, but closes at 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. If you leave at midnight you’ll be likely to miss something. Also, the lines can be long, so stay until the end and you’ll have a better chance of catching shorter lines just before closing. The Log Ride is particularly fun according to one aficionado.

Finally, don’t forget that Universal Studios Hollywood offers a very stomach-churning event called the Halloween Horror Nights. it includes a bunch of gory and scary festivities hosted by the very charismatic Freddy Krueger, Jason and Leatherface, fresh from their horror movies. Might be worth heading up to Hollywood for a night if you have the time, budget and internal fortitude; it too is not for young children! (By the way, Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain also have Halloween events but they pale by comparison on the fright meter). To check out the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights click this link.

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