The Guru’s Favorite Knott’s Berry Farm Websites

Need Knott’s Berry Farm Information? The Guru’s Got You Covered

We’ve done some digging to find a few independent web sites with Knott’s Berry Farm information, to enhance your vacation research. You can also check on some of the major travel sites for traveler reviews but, as always, we recommend you be wary about putting too much emphasis on individual reviews. That small percentage of visitors who have a bad day are the most motivated to send in a scathing review; the vast majority of happy campers continue on in life with great memories, but have better things to do than to write up a review.

You’ll find some good information in the Wikipedia article on Knott’s Berry Farm. It offers some history, background and details on many of the rides and features. I’d check any important details against the official Knott’s site, as the Wikipedia articles can sometimes be a little dated.

Another pretty good source for Knott’s Berry Farm information is the page on the park. There are some roller coaster reviews, photos, etc. If you’d like access to a number of articles about various KBF roller coasters, click the above link. The site also has a page on the Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt, which is considered to be perhaps the premier Halloween destination in the country. Check out these articles by Arthur Levine.

Knott's Berry Farm Entrance

The Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt has a cult following. If you’re one who enjoys a good scare, take a look at the

Ultimate Haunt web site. It sets the stage for the festivities as well any anything we’ve seen.

There is one independent site that is dedicated totally to the berry, with a lot of good Knott’s Berry Farm information. Check out the Bear-yTales blog for lots and lots of photos on the various themed areas within the park, a bit of background and occasional updates.

If you ever went to Knott’s in years past, you may recall the famous Haunted Shack. This was a very clever attraction where water seemed to run uphill, people became stuck in chairs and all manner of other strange goings on. We found a page on this site that helps us relive that great rite of passage; click here for a return to the Knott’s Ghost Town Haunted Shack. If you’re interested to see the evolution of the park, check out this online visual museum, with photographs of great old rides, advertising propaganda and a bunch of other interesting items.

There are numerous sites that offer to book hotel rooms for you. Here are two that provide maps of the Buena Park area, highlighting the options. The first is a hotel map from and you’ll want to type in Buena Park in the WHERE box. It should report around 300 hotels. Click on the SEARCH MULTIPLE SITES button. When the screen is ready, type in a 5-mile radius in the upper left hand PREFERRED LOCATION box to limit the search (note that the search is centered around the Buena Park city hall). Then click on Map View to see them mapped. Knott’s is at the southwest corner of Beach Boulevard and La Palma Avenue. There are photos of the hotels under Photo View.

Another simpler option is the Yahoo! Travel hotel page. Click and then scroll down a bit to the map. This one is more focused on what’s right around Knott’s.

If you enjoy the Knott’s Berry Farm Ghost Town, you might like to drive out to the real-life mining town of Calico in San Bernardino County. Walter Knott rebuilt this old town and then deeded it over as a park. Click here for information on Calico.