Knott’s Berry Farm Vacation Planning

How Does Knott’s Berry Farm Fit Into Your Vacation Plans?

Let’s think about how Knott’s Berry Farm fits into your overall vacation objective. Admittedly, if you haven’t spent much time in O.C. you’re likely to make Disneyland a priority, as you should. If you have more than say two days in town, I’d suggest focusing on the Berry. After a couple of days of nonstop Disneyfication, it can be quite refreshing to instead find yourself visiting prospectors, train robbers and the Big Dog, Snoopy himself. A 3-day trip with one day at Knott’s will feel very rich and varied.

I’d probably do Knott’s first unless you have little ones who just can’t wait to see Cinderella. Since Disney is the more polished destination, scoring higher on the visual presentation and shutting-out-the-world scale, you could have a touch of disappointment in going to see Snoopy after a day with the Mouse. Now, if you embrace the differences and the cool, informality of Knott’s, there is no reason for a let down. But consider that in your planning.

Discounted Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets

Knott’s offers a substantial discount in the entrance fee after 4 pm (may vary so check the web site linked below; it can be 50% off on a weekday). If you’re here on a weekday, when lines will tend to be shorter, you can do a lot between 4 pm and closing.

This might be worth considering if you have something else planned for the first part of the day and don’t have a full day to allocate to the Berry. For example, you could go to the beach until 2:30 and then head over to Knott’s.

A longer trip should definitely include some time at Knott’s Berry Farm, especially if you’ve been to Disneyland plenty. If you have kids from say 5 to 18+ you might try for a half-day to a day at Soak City, a pretty nice place to cool your jets. The Guru is told by one reliable, but slightly picky source that Soak City is upstaged by Raging Waters up in San Dimas (30 minutes away), so if you have real hard-to-please vertical-drop kind of water park aficionados, they might be slightly underwhelmed; it’s good but not Olympic-level in it’s water slides and other features. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a mere mortal visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. There are photos and maps on the Knott’s web site. To get to that site easily, and for suggestions on getting the most from the official Knott’s web site click here.

Major Knott’s Berry Farm Vacation Tip

You could book a room at the Knott’s resort hotel for several nights. This hotel has the feel of a modest resort, with nice pool and bar, spa, tennis courts, restaurant, and views of the taller rides at the adjacent park. They have a regular complimentary shuttle van to Disneyland several times per day. If you wish to avoid the costs and relentless Disney environment at the Disneyland Resort hotels, you can get the same thing at Knott’s—and even get free transportation to Disneyland.

The Knott’s resort area includes a number of independent hotels very close to the park. Click here for more information on many of the nearby lodging options . You can find easy access to all parts of Southern California by way of the nearby 91 freeway and I-5, a bit further north on Beach Boulevard. Therefore you could make Buena Park your nesting place for the entire Southern California vacation.