The Guru’s Favorite Independent Disneyland Vacation Websites

In planning your Disneyland vacation, you need relevant and helpful information, as there is much to learn. This second-happiest place on earth can really captivate you, and can inspire one to large amounts of time spent on research.

In fact it has captivated a lot of folks who have devoted themselves to create some really great web sites; your Guru and associate gurus would need to think about nothing else in Southern California if we wanted to try and offer the same level of detail provided by some of these other sites.

Instead, we’ve sifted through a bunch of web sites so we can send you to the best of those. But they have a tendency to get really really immersed in the details related to the theme park they love best.

Check out the following sites, after reading our brief comments. Then you can pick and choose where you want to focus for more information. As usual, these links will open up a new window for you.

Disneyland on Wikipedia

It is worth checking out the Disneyland page on Wikipedia. There is a considerable amount of relevant Disneyland vacation information here, which is a bit surprising considering that it is a mega-site. It doesn’t have the charm or passion of some of the smaller sites recommended on this page, but you may really like this source.

Our top-ranked “smaller” site is This is a terrific site, with an awesome amount of good Disneyland vacation information. Almost too much good information, as you have to wade through some stuff to get to the Anaheim parks.

To get to MousePlanet pages with Disneyland vacation information, you must click on the Disneyland tab on the top. That really takes you to the Disneyland Resort. Then you scroll down past a lot of other great info, to click on the actual park you want to investigate. So, to save you some time, here is a link that will take you directly to the page for Disneyland

and here is the link that will take you directly to Disney’s California Adventure.  Even then you must scroll down a bit to find the section on “Lands.” That’s the gold mine of information on rides and attractions, worth the minor effort (or should we say miner effort? Get it? Gold mine of information? Minor, miner?). At some point go back and scan the other sections like General Information, Parking Information, etc. They are very helpful!

Another good site is If you click on Disneyland Information you’ll find a schedule and information on finding Disney characters in the park, among other tidbits. Go to the Disneyland Guide and you’ll find a map and great information on rides and attractions. There’s a calendar showing what’s happening, including which attractions are shut down for refurbishment. Very nice!

Our last recommendation is Taken, of course, from the Brer Rabbit story brought to life in Splash Mountain, this site includes good ride information as well as a large bunch of videos and photographs contributed by readers and the web writers. This can help get your kids excited about the trip, and give you a better idea of what to expect when you hit the ground.

Here’s how to quickly get to the Disneyland vacation information: from the Home page, click on Disneyland in the upper navigation bar to really get started; actually our link above takes you right to that. You’ll see current day information to the right, which is kinda cool. You’ll notice there is little to nothing in the Hotels section, but you can find that on the other web sites noted above.

Have Recommendations?

There are many other sites with good information on the Disneyland Resort, but how many do you need to feel that you’ve really been saturated with wisdom? Let us know if you think we should make more recommendations by filling out our response form. But we’re pretty sure that if you hit the official Disneyland site, along with these other four sources, you’ve really been exposed to the most relevant Disneyland vacation information.