Best Southern California Hotels

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You will find a number of helpful tools for finding Southern California hotels on this page, starting with our map shortcuts to various parts of SoCal. There you’ll see a plethora of hotels shown on maps that also convert to aerial photographs.

Click one of the links and you’ll have a nice map of the hotels in that area. You can even overlay the map on the aerial.  You can also scroll down to the the search box below for a broader search.

Hotel Map Shortcuts To Common SoCal Destinations

Some Scuttlebutt on Selecting From Among Southern California Hotels

Here’s a little insight into the world of southern California hotels. First, if you’re looking for the best price and don’t need to be really close to any one of the vacation destinations you can find hundreds of fine hotels in the dozens of lesser-known cities from Los Angeles to San Diego. With the freeway system so convenient (less-so during rush hour), one of the hotels in Fullerton along the Riverside Freeway (state route 91) for example, can be a great way to save some money in the summer months. Or Downey or El Cajon or Corona.

Obviously there is a big concentration of southern California hotels near the beaches and major theme parks, but we both know you’ll pay more during periods of high demand. So determine your priorities and plot out all the vacation destinations planned for your southern California vacation. It might be worth paying more for a hotel that serves a decent complimentary breakfast, as that can not only save you $5-$10 or more per person on breakfast at a restaurant, but will also save time in getting out in the morning.

Speaking of beaches, one option is to camp out at one of the dozens of beach-oriented southern California hotels and resorts directly on the beach. Some are huge facilities and others are cool little hotels with the ocean being the main amenity. You’ll pay quite a bit more to be on the beach vs. a block or two away. Going another few blocks inland can save even more; check a prospective hotel out on a map or even call them and ask how far from the beach they are.

Paying for a beach hotel might make more sense if you’re not planning to spend much of your time at theme parks; or stay a couple days at the beach and then move inland to a cheaper place for when you’re at Knott’s, Disneyland and Magic Mountain. You will find beach hotels in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties in the search box below.