Best Six Flags Magic Mountain Hotels

Where To Stay Near Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Magic Mountain is at the northern end of what we’re calling Southern California (the people up in Eureka consider San Francisco to be in Southern California, so it’s all relative). There are a number of Magic Mountain hotels within a short distance of the main entrance; here is a good map with details on most of the best choices. Scroll up just a bit to the left (northwest) to find Six Flags Magic Mountain up along the I-5 freeway. The map shows many other hotels slightly further away as well.

The official Six Flags website Lodging page has additional information on local Magic Mountain hotels also, most of which are already in the map above. Some of the hotels offer packages, with park tickets along with lodging (and breakfast?). After you think you’ve picked your hotel from the map and links it provides, consider a call to the hotel to see if they offer discounts on admission tickets. They’ll usually sell guests discounted tickets at the front desk.

Some local hotels have shuttles up to the main gate (Residence Inn by Marriott is free to within 5 miles of the hotel), which will save you parking fees. Stay at a hotel with a breakfast included and load up before leaving. Then snack at mid-day to save money.

Staying near the park would allow you to go back to the hotel in the middle of the afternoon, when it can be really hot at Six Flags. The Magic Mountain hotel map above will help you with this. After cooling down and perhaps a nice dinner out of the park, you could return for a few hours at night. Confirm closing time of course, and don’t eat too much; the coasters at SFMM will give the old digestive tract a workout if you know what I mean.

Now, if this is a vacation that includes other attractions in Southern California, you should strategize as to where best to stay. Elsewhere we suggested that if the trip includes Disneyland or Universal Studios you may want visit Six Flags Magic Mountain first. That will get the roller coaster itch scratched within your coaster fanatics and help them enjoy the other parks. Our map above will help you find hotels near Universal Studios as well; just scroll down to the southeast a bit.

Knott’s also has great thrill rides. So you could spend a night at a Magic Mountain hotel in Valencia, before or after your day in the park. Or here is a map of Knott’s Berry Farm hotels.

A second half-day at Hurricane Harbor could take you through early afternoon, at which time you high-tail it south on I-5 towards Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego. You want to be out of Los Angeles by around 2 pm or 2:30 at the latest to avoid rush-hour traffic (although to be honest, it’s not the end of the world if you do catch some traffic).

You probably don’t want to be driving out to Valencia every day of a week vacation from Orange County and the Los Angeles beach areas. If you’re just hitting Hollywood and downtown L.A. it would not be too bad to settle in at Valencia for the whole trip. If you’re going to San Diego, it’s around 3 hours from Six Flags Magic Mountain, assuming light-to-moderate traffic. Hopefully this is enough insight to help you plot out where you’ll be staying. There are too many options for us to present specific suggestions for each scenario.