Best Knott’s Berry Farm Hotels

To Stay In the Park or Knott Stay In the Park

There are a number of good Knott’s Berry Farm hotels in the immediate vicinity of the park, some hotels actually within walking distance. This is the heart of the Orange County vacation scene, with the presence of not only Knott’s but also Disneyland and the nearby beaches. This map will point you in the right direction; scroll up to Buena Park, where the 91 Freeway intersects I-5:

(Map goes here)

Of course, the first option is the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, located directly on the park grounds. Check out #67 in the map above. This is a nice 3-star hotel with numerous amenities found at resorts such as pool-side bar (small, but it does the trick), tennis courts, café and restaurant (and walking distance to other restaurants) and courtesy shuttle to Disneyland. On a hot summer day, there is some merit to spending a few hours at your hotel pool in the mid-afternoon, and returning to the park later. You can also change into your trunks and head over to Soak City.

If you want the all-encompassing resort experience then go to the Disneyland Resort hotels–they really pour it on. But otherwise give the Knott’s Berry Farm hotels a good look, as the prices may be quite a bit lower for many of the same features of the higher-end facilities in Anaheim or other nice Orange County hotels. For more information and photos of the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, hit the map above or click here (A new window will open). Watch for packages and specials.

Another option is to stay at one of the nearby independent hotels shown in the map above. These range from affordable (meaning not exciting but safe and clean) to rather nice (like the Holiday Inn and the Courtyard by Marriott, both of which are just north of the park on Beach Boulevard). The county bus service runs along this street, so you can get around from most of the Knott’s Berry Farm hotels without driving your car. You can walk to the park and other nearby attractions on Beach Boulevard from some of the hotels.

There is no reason in particular that you’d need to switch to other Orange County hotels during your vacation, if you decide to spend a day at Disneyland, or up in L.A. or at the beach.

These Knott’s Berry Farm hotels are pretty convenient by virtue of their access to the freeway system. You can check with the Orange County Transit Authority for bus routes if you prefer that. And of course a taxi can get you around O.C. pretty well if your budget permits.