Best Hotels Near Universal Studios

Where The Stars Stay… (Unless, they live here)

How about some help in finding great hotels near Universal Studios? On the map below it’s just west of huge Griffith Park–zoom in a bit…see it? If you’re on this page, you are no-doubt considering the logistics of your entire SoCal vacation. We’ve got some thoughts on that topic.

If most of the time will be spent near the beach or in Orange County, then of course you may just come to Universal for the day and go back at night. If you want to hang your hat in Hollywood, then convenience to USH and other Hollywood attractions is important; especially if you think you’ll use the free second day ticket option at Universal.

Although there are hundreds of Los Angeles hotels, Universal Studios does not have the pack of hotels crouched around the entrance of the park as you’ll find at Disneyland and Knott’s. The most obvious hotel options are not the cheapest.

Within the USH complex, known as Universal City, are the Hilton Universal City Hotel (check out #1 on the map above) and the Sheraton Universal Hotel (it’s #22 in the map above). Both have shuttle vans to the park entrance, although you could easily walk it in minutes. You can go down the hill to the Los Angeles MTA subway station or to the bus station across the street for access throughout much of Southern California.

These two hotels offer a full array of features including pool, spa, restaurants—everything you’d expect from four-star rating. They offer various specials that include admission to the Universal Studios theme park. One big advantage to these hotels is that, during a long hot day at USH, you can go back to your room and take a nap or hit the hotel pool in the afternoon. Then you return refreshed when it is cooler. This would be a great way to take advantage of the 2-day Universal deal, as you could take it at a more leisurely pace.

Another somewhat-unique option for hotels near Universal Studios, slightly less convenient than the two hotels mentioned above, is the 255-room resort style Beverly Garland Holiday Inn and Conference Center in North Hollywood. Yes, we mean THE Beverly Garland, the actress with the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, who was Fred MacMurray’s wife for awhile on My Three Sons, and starred in dozens of films and countless TV shows.

Long ago Beverly Garland’s husband built this beautiful hotel for her and she reportedly is still involved in its operation. Although not a high-rise like the Hilton and Sheraton, it has some true resort-style amenities such as tennis courts, meeting rooms, fitness center and—this is important—free scheduled shuttle to Universal Studios theme park and CityWalk located only a mile or so away.

The Garland Hotel

If you are looking for more modest accommodations, there are of course hundreds of decent mid-priced hotels in Los Angeles, realizing that it will be more expensive to stay in the urban areas rather than out in the suburbs. Thus, you are likely to have better luck if you look to the northwest of Universal Studios, out into the San Fernando Valley or possibly Burbank.

There could be a mid-level hotel in North Hollywood or nearby Van Nuys that fits the bill; our map above provides links to over a hundred nearby options, along with lots of useful information about each facility. Given the dense development around USH, we’re not likely to see the development of any new hotels near Universal Studios in the near future.

Perform your usual careful research through reviews and other online resources to ensure your money-saving decision regarding hotels near Universal Studios doesn’t put you in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. Of course your choice of hotel depends on your overall vacation strategy and schedule; if most of your activities are south of Universal Studios and you’re staying in a hotel in Chatsworth (quite a ways north) you will spend a lot more time driving.