Six Flags Roller Coasters:

Here Are Some Tips From A Local Expert

Sometimes it is very convenient to have access to a local college-age Six Flags roller coaster expert. Here are some brief observations that you might find useful:

Six Flags roller coasters are the best in the West.

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain is the top coaster park in California. The runner up is Knott’s. The scariest ride at Knott’s Berry Farm is Silver Bullet, a great ride. It is nearly identical to the Batman attraction at SFMM; but Batman is not the most intense of rides at Magic Mountain. In other words, you can find more gnarly thrills up at the Six Flags roller coasters in Valencia.

  • Which are the coolest of rides at SFMM? Well, if you are intimidated by heights, Goliath is particularly noteworthy. In fact, it is physically pretty taxing because of one or two killer helical moves made by your body whilst attached to the contraption. In other words, you get thrashed! So stay off this ride if you are intolerant to physical buffeting--not that physical buffeting is a bad thing...

  • Another terrific ride is X2, which puts you through some crazy moves. This ride seems to break down a bit more than others, but that may be just the perception of one impatient coaster fan.

    Six Flags roller coaster hardware

  • Tatsu makes you feel like you are flying, and flips you over on your back at one point in a fast loop—very exciting. The lines can be very long, but it is worth the wait!

  • The Scream coaster is not always one of the most popular in the park, resulting in shorter lines, but is actually a very fun ride.

    Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Two other suggestions:

  • (1). You can stretch your day a little bit by getting in line on almost any attraction say 10-15 minutes before closing. The cast members are supposed to allow everybody in line at closing work your way to the front of the line and enjoy the ride. This tactic might allow you to fit in just one more of the Six Flags roller coasters before quitting time.

  • (2). The park offers free admission the Wednesday before Thanksgiving if you bring canned goods for the needy. Freeway traffic can be bad, but lines in the park are fairly small on that day.

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