The Universal Studios Website:

We Have Some Shortcuts For You.

Universal Studios has a pretty good website, with lots of information, photos and even video clips to help you understand what they offer and how you can plan the best visit. The site will get you to Universal CityWalk as well as the theme park and the studio tour. You can easily check out individual attractions and get information on ticket prices and specials. We’ve abbreviated things a bit by providing you a few specific links to individual pages, to save you a little time.

Universal Studios Hollywood Upper Lot

Theme Park Overview

The first link on the Universal Studios website will take you to an overview of the place, from which you can easily surf to specific pages of interest. This page has a video that’s kinda lame but modestly informative. It also offers a couple dozen photographs. Most importantly it has navigation buttons and links to other pages with interesting scoop. From the Overview page you can jump over to buy tickets online--look for that button at the top. Click here for the introduction to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Maps of the Park

How’d you like an interactive map of the park, with details about the major attractions such as Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park and The Simpsons Ride shown when you roll your mouse over the map? The folks at Universal have provided such a map for you at this link. You’ll also find the option of downloading a more detailed map, which will be helpful for you to better understand many of the points we make in these pages. Depending on your printing capabilities, you’ll probably do better looking at the map on the computer, where you can scroll around and zoom in.

At the park you can pick up an 11 x 17 color map at the main entrance. That map has tips for meeting characters; for example, Bart Simpson has his preferred stompin’ grounds, coincidentally just outside the attraction named after his family.

Visit Curious George at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Attractions and Shows

If you jumped to this page, it is likely that you want to find out about rides and attractions. This link is the one for you. From this link to Universal attractions you can move to individual rides and shows, many of which have little videos (propaganda that isn’t terribly useful but does help a little) and photographs. Some of the pages include special content that will help you get in the mood; note The Simpsons Ride, Shrek and Revenge of the Mummy for example. Each page tells you which other attractions are nearby, to help with planning your time.

There is a downloadable file offered on this page, with specific details on the rides, such as which ones have minimum height limitations (Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park, The Simpsons Ride-- I’m not sure if Bart Simpson would be tall enough to go on this!) and a brief description of the action you’ll encounter. You’ll also find details about accessibility for folks in wheelchairs, etc. This document will be helpful to you if somebody in your group could use a little assistance with a particular disability.

Bart Simpson is at it again!

How About an Independent Website?

Finally, you might enjoy some additional commentary and information about the studio, the studio tour and the theme park besides what you get on the official Universal Studios website. The link below will fix you up with one of the established web sites that specialize in Hollywood and the film industry. It will give you a different perspective, and a lot of details, on the Studio Tour. The site talks about the big Back Lot fire in June of 2008 and also gives information on some of the other studio tours in and around Hollywood. So click here to surf Seeing-Stars, and then you can return to the Guru.

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