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Sometimes we come across a juicy morsel of Southern California culture that may or may not need a full web page. This tidbit might be a great vacation suggestion or tip, or it might be some wild and crazy event that you'll find interesting. It might give you a brainstorm for something you should include in your next Southern California vacation. Sometimes it will steer you to a page that you may not have visited, but what could be helpful to your upcoming trip. So we hope you enjoy the Guru's mini blog.

Disneyland's Pirates Celebrates 50 Years

I just read that Pirates of the Caribbean is celebrating its 50th anniversary at Disneyland. It was originally planned as a walk-through attraction, but the Imagineers did a little survey work and learned that walking venues are not as popular. Thankfully they had the brainstorm to make it a boat ride, and it is clearly one of the most-loved attractions at any of the parks.

Pirates is the last attraction over which Walt Disney had direct oversight; he died a couple months before it opened.

Not only is it one of the longest rides in the park, the long queuing line also moves very quickly as they can handle a couple thousand guests per hour with the fairly large boats. One of the Imagineers wrote and spoke the spooky lines you hear from the talking skull just before you go over the first of the two sloping waterfalls. Includes the great line: "Dead Men Tell No Tales..."

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South OC Beach Cities Offer Public Transit This Summer

During the summer months, getting around and (worse yet) finding a place to park near the beach can be a real pain in the neck. Some of the cities have recognized this and offer trolleys and bus service along the coast.

In fact, the city of San Juan Capistrano will offer a free shuttle service with rides every 20 minutes from just north of downtown to where it will overlap with the Dana Point shuttle at Del Obispo Street. The trolley will operate Fridays through Sundays from June 9 through Labor Day. At this point the shuttle will operate until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays but if you'll be staying someplace in this area it would be worthwhile to call 949/443-6339 to confirm and to obtain the exact details. This could be a great way to get down to the beach from San Juan Capistrano hotels, leaving your own car or rental car parked. San Clemente will also offer a free shuttle this summer but it will not connect with Dana Point; Laguna Beach also has its own shuttle.

And don't forget, there are metrolink light rail stations in San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano, which can take you throughout Southern California. You can do a lot without a car if you do some planning in advance.

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Getting In Shape For Summer-- Are You Coming to SoCal?

Summer will be here before you know it. As your vacation Guru I've been exercising to trim down and have been watching my diet... with mixed success.

I've thought about getting into juicing, but I know I really don't have the patience or budget to buy all the fruit and veggies needed to pull that off. I've instead been mixing up a healthy drink with like a dozen carefully chosen and prepared foods offered by the well-known fitness guru Drew Canole (takes a guru to know one). Drew's drink includes a bunch of the super foods considered to be the most beneficial.

A fellow southern California Guru, Drew's company lets me offer his green juice at a great discount. I really do drink it, as it has a light minty flavor; just make sure you stir or shake it up well, which is easy. They also sell small packets for travel, so you can actually take this with you when you come visit Southern California. Check out the link for the details on this great healthy start to your day and the nice "Guru discount."

See what you think.

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Your Coolest Southern California Vacation. Locals Tell You What You Need To Know

What the Locals know, where the Locals go! Let the SoCal Guru enlighten you in the planning of your Southern California vacation travel. Local insight on beaches, attractions, etc.!

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Now's The Time To Think About SoCal Whale Watching

I just purchased a couple of whale watching tickets on Groupon. It's getting to be a good time of year for this great outdoor activity. We will take a boat out of San Diego but there are also fine options out of the Orange County and Los Angeles harbor areas.

These tours typically run from 2 to 3 hours. Some offer a free follow up tour if you are not successful in finding whales on your excursion. It's raining like crazy in Southern California this weekend, but you can book for an upcoming weekend. It's a fairly inexpensive way to get out on the ocean.

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San Diego Vacations: How Much Time Do You Have?

The problem with San Diego vacations is that you could spend 3 weeks here and still be busy with new activities. The SoCal Guru has information and advice to help you plan your best trip!

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The Southern California Melting Pot; enjoy the ethnic diversity!

The Southern California Melting Pot makes for wonderful vacation opportunities. The Guru will tell you about Chinatown, Little Saigon, Little Tokyo and other fascinating ethnic neighborhoods!

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More Great OC Shopping For Winter Vacations

Actually, regardless of which season you visit Orange County, there are plenty of great activities and destinations; that's an understatement. In the winter you're probably spending less time in the ocean and perhaps more time shopping and checking out entertainment options.

Orange County has recently seen the addition of two major new beach-oriented shopping and entertainment centers. One is Pacific City near downtown Huntington Beach; the other one is known as the Outlets at San Clemente. Check them out, especially if you're here in the winter of 2016 and El Nino weather sends you indoors.

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Disneyland 60th Anniversary Is In Full Swing

The big 60th-anniversary bash started on May 22, with Disneyland having refurbished some rides, added some shows and attractions and squeezing every drop of attention from the happy event.

One new attraction is the "Paint The Night" parade, with 8 floats, 1.5 million LED lights and a cast of 80 with cool illluminated costumes.

They also have a rejuvenated 14-minute firework display; this has been terrific for years, but they have cranked up the technology even more. So if you go in the morning, don't get so worn out (give little ones a rest in the afternoon if necessary) so you miss the fun stuff at night.

I'll try to provide some additional details in future posts. The other theme parks also have added new goodies this summer.

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