Surf the Knott's Web Site Quickly;
How About a Few Suggestions?

It’s no surprise that the Knott's web site is a pretty good site. It is less burdened by visual propaganda than the Disney site, which works a little too hard. Unless your vacation research is being done by a 6 year old, the visual distractions at Disney are wasted, and slow things down. We've provided some of the most important Knott's web site links below, with a short comment where appropriate. You can get additional insight and information on the many rides by clicking here for our recommended independent web sites on the Knott's Resort.

The Knott's Web Site: Home and History

The Knott's Home page will take you where you want to go, but sometimes it too can be a little slow. So here are a few of the pages you’ll find interesting; new windows will open for you. From these you can jump elsewhere. Check out Knott’s history page for a bit of the interesting background of this historical park and its founder.

Here is the Soak City Home Page . You’ll see that there are other water parks operated by these folks so make sure you’re looking at the park in Orange County.

The Knott's Web Site: Interactive Maps

You might want to get to a nice map of the park to familiarize yourself with the resort. Click here for an interactive map of Knott’s Berry Farm. There is a separate map of Soak City, which lies adjacent to KBF. This map is not as interactive as the map of the main park, but is still helpful.

The Knott's Web Site: Rides, Attractions and Shows, Oh, My!

One of the first things you’ll want is information on KBF rides . This page lists all the attractions; click on the ride you’re interested in and you find vital statistics, photos and sometimes even a video clip to get you in the mood. You'll find information on rides in the independent web sites also; see the link above for that.

Click here for more information on Camp Snoopy , a very fun place for little folks. This page tells you about shows, rides and dining in the Camp. To the left you’ll see navigation buttons that include the Theme Park Tour , which will take you to the other parts of the park, like Ghost Town or the Boardwalk.

The Knott’s in-house gurus have put together the Fun Finder page , where they make recommendations for scheduling half-or full-days in the park, for different interests. So if you have little ones, or thrill seekers or a family with both, you can get some suggestions. It is helpful in telling you where perhaps NOT to go with small children for example (they won’t let you try and hold little Junior on Xcelerator, no matter how good your grip may be).

The Knott's Web Site: The Halloween Haunt and Other Less Scary Events

The Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt is probably the biggest event of the year in the park, aside from Summertime, and you can click above for information on the 2008 Haunt.

The Haunt is not the only special event. Click here to go immediately to the Knott's Calendar of events . You may also see some of the special events on the Knott’s home page, shown above. For the latest on events shows and other special, timely information, click here for the Knott’s What’s Hot page.

The Knott's Web Site: Dining and Shopping

This page will help you quickly figure out your dining and shopping options at various neighborhoods within the park. Speaking of dining options, if you haven’t already checked out the menu and other details related to Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant , you can get to them quickly by clicking here.

The Knott's Web Site: The Knott's Resort Hotel

Finally, here is a nice web site for the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel , with photos, a list of amenities, information on packages and other important details. You’ll see that it’s a pretty nice place to hang your hat.

Click here to return from the Knott's web site information to the main Knott's page.

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